EU supports energy-efficient lighting system on the Rezina–Rîbnița bridge in Moldova

Photo: UNDP Moldova
Photo: UNDP Moldova

An EU-funded project supported the installation of new LED lamp posts along the bridge connecting the cities of Rezina and Rîbnița in the Republic of Moldova, providing a safe crossing for the two communities. The project was part of the European Union Confidence Building Measures Programme, and it was implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. The new lighting system was launched on 13 January with people from the two cities singing carols, marking the end of the winter holidays. The bridge has been equipped with 12 new lamp posts and 70 energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

The bridge over the Nistru river is now lit up for the first time since 1993, allowing around 60,000 people from the region to travel safely between Rezina and Rîbnița even at night. Public lighting of the Rezina–Rîbnița bridge is one of the 14 infrastructure projects selected in an open competition and developed through the European Union Confidence Building Measures Programme. The project’s total budget was €49,000, with almost €34,000 co-funded by the EU.

 “The European Union was very pleased to finance the illumination of this bridge between the towns Rezina and Rîbnița. Beyond the strong symbol of this bridge on the Nistru for the EU programme of Confidence Building Measures, the most important is the concrete benefit for the citizens of both towns who will cross the bridge now in a safer environment,” said Peter Michalko, EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

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